Lyons were formed in 2019 by three friends in a high school near Detroit, MI. The premise is simple: modernizing the sounds of the 1950s and early 1960s. This resulted in Lyons forming their own unique sound, what they describe as "a little less rock, a little more roll". Collaborators and followers consider them to be an alternative band with catchy danceable songs. They have been compared to the Arctic Monkeys, Stray Cats, Amy Winehouse, and Leo (frontman of Lyons) is often compared to a young Elvis Presley,

Lyons are not a tribute band, and nor a nostalgia trip. They are simply evolving rock 'n' roll from an earlier point. They show influence from rockabilly, doo wop, funk, jazz, delta blues, jump blues, R&B, and alternative music and it all forms their own sound.

Right now Lyons are hard at work on an album to be released exclusively to a local audience. They are also working on enhancing their live show with the help of a couple new faces. 





Ask Mark Leo his biggest influences in music and the time machine runs as he spits names like Dion, Eddie Cochran, Wynonie Harris, Gene Vincent, Elmore James, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and Little Richard. Leo crafted his distinct style mixing rockabilly, funk, jazz, blues, and alternative music. In simple terms, he makes songs that make you move. Although, Leo claims to have never written a song, and that they all come "from the universe". 




Thomas "Tomcat" Thompson was originally known locally for his activity in Metro Detroit Hard Rock and Metal bands. Tomcat is an extremely versatile musician, playing both the upright and electric bass in the Lyons. He does this all with his unique style and voicing. Tomcat also actively writes music and fine tunes song ideas.

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Jack Mackey is not only the pulse of the group but the self-proclaimed "bus driver". When a type of music relies heavily on a danceable backbeat, a good drummer with feel is needed. That is exactly what Jack is. Jack has been playing with Leo since 2014 when they were in sixth grade. They formed an almost telepathic connection when they are playing together that cannot be replicated.

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